press release > Yasmin Al-Ani Spence > 20 may - 19 june 2010

Architect-turned-photographer Yasmin Al-Ani was drawn to images and imaging early on in life because, she says, she can’t spell. Which was undoubtedly a blessing in disguise, impelling her to express herself through written images rather than words. Her photographic language is singular, her architect’s eye keenly exploring both the haphazard graphics of nature and the hard reality of concrete, finding poetry in the ordinary and even the unsightly. “atelier 7” is very pleased to be presenting the first exhibition of Yasmin’s work in France, from 20 May until 19 June, with a selection of recent photographs, both B&W and colour.

Yasmin Al-Ani biography

Yasmin Al-Ani Spence was born in 1968, in Hamburg, to a German mother and an Iraqi father. In the mid-70s the family moved first to Iraq and then to Vienna, Austria. Both cultures left a deep impression on Yasmin that would later influence her work and understanding of space, art and architecture.

In 1989 she moved to London to study architecture at the Architectural Association. Whilst studying she started exploring the medium of photography, initially to demonstrate architectural intents, as well as to capture other spaces and influences.

After receiving her degree she worked for architectural firms in London including Grimshaw’s and Richard Rogers, and in 1999 she and her partner opened their own architectural practice.

In the last few years she has dedicated more time to photography, observing everyday buildings, shapes, objects and textures, using photography as a tool to manipulate and enhance them, developing them into strong graphic images. 

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