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Gerald Roberts’ distinctive silhouette, lively imagination and delicious sense of humour are known from Adelaide to Paris, via London and Madrid. To say that he is a dandy and a dilettante would do justice to his unerring elegance and charm in all circumstances, and his obstinate refusal to take himself seriously, but not to his talent or the quality of his painting. It is by choice that he has remained so discreet an artist. We are therefore thrilled to present his first monographic exhibition at “atelier 7” from 11 March to 10 April 2010. The show will consist of more than 20 large acrylics on canvas including a triptych “puzzle painting”, a number of smaller pieces and a selection of watercolours.

Gerald Roberts biography

Gerald H. Roberts was born in Adelaide, South Australia. While still in grammar school he decided he wanted to become an artist and, against his parents' wishes, started working as a junior in the advertising office of a major department store, simultaneously attending Adelaide art school.

A short time later he left his home town to see the world, and has since spent most of his professional life as either art director or creative director of advertising agencies in Australia, New Zealand, England, France and Spain.

He was talented and lucky enough to work on many major accounts, such as Cadbury’s, Revlon, Club Med, Winston, Fiat, De Beer’s and the Thyssen Museum. He has won a number of international awards for his work, including AMPE (Spain), Cannes Festival (France), CLIO (USA), Eurobest (UK), FACTS (Australia) and MAX Awards (USA).

Despite his evidently non-Iberian roots, his all-encompassing creative flair won him a commission from the Spanish government to create a unique book on one of the country’s most emblematic treasures, the Carthusian horse.

Throughout his career he managed to keep some spare time for his real passion, and since giving up advertising work has devoted himself fully to his painting, both acrylics and watercolours. His work has been exhibited at the Sanzspace Gallery in Madrid and Mediart

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For further information please contact:

Louise Brody
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