Valerie Chirigos - Photographs: Paris

18 november - 17 december 2011
Composition 5
Composition 5


Composition 6
Composition 19

“In a world that is constantly evolving, I am intrigued by the details of the environment that surrounds me. Surfaces and structures, both man-made and natural, have textures, colors, and patterns that are visually compelling. There is beauty in the weathering of surfaces, in the aging of our environment; the old is constantly being replaced by the new. Juxtaposing and/or matching the images also serves to enhance the details and make unexpected visual associations. It is my hope that by exposing a new vantage point through these photographs, viewers will consider their surroundings in a new manner and be encouraged to look for beauty in aspects of the city that may be overlooked.”

atelier 7 is very pleased to announce the first exhibition in Paris of a selection of photographs and drawings by Valerie Chirigos