Ferrante Ferranti

3 december 2009 - 17 january 2010
Ernakulam, India, 2006

tirage pigmentaire
sur papier lustré
à 28 exemplaires

40 x 60 cm

What do Bernini’s Proserpine, a Sicilian horse, an Indian Pilgrimage and a girl skipping in a Guatemalan courtyard have in common? This is the secret of Ferranti’s photography: he is able to reveal the same current of strength and beauty running through different civilizations.

Southern Italian by birth, architect by training, traveller by choice, Ferrante Ferranti has produced a distinctive body of work: capturing the play of light and shadows, giving meaning to simple shapes, inventing a language which casts the sun’s light on ruins and communicates the reverential silence in the presence of stone, as well as the enchanted diversions of wandering.
Dominique Fernandez