DAFNA in Paris

25 november - 16 december 2010
DAFNa artists

Photographs by Ana Gloria Salvia

Paintings by Danilo Ambrosino

Collages by Marisa Coppiano

in association with DAFNa


The DAFNa Home Gallery opened its doors on June 10, 2010 in an apartment located on the "piano noble" of a Settecento palace, the former residence of the Princes of Cimitile Albertini. This first exhibit marked the inauguration of the Home Gallery Open Project, a network which brings together other home galleries, and is an alternative solution for the promotion and dissemination of contemporary art outside the traditional gallery circuit.

Home Gallery Open Project is an innovative project focusing on the exchange of exhibition spaces in private residences and the sharing of artistic experiences.

Atelier 7 is is proud to be associated with the DAFNa Home Gallery Open Project in the context of these exchanges.