atelier 7

Atelier 7 represents a new concept in the Parisian art scene, somewhere between art gallery and salon. In a 1904 atelier built by Süe and Mare, and where Picasso created his first cut-paper collages in 1912, Louise and her husband have turned their home into a showcase for their personal selection of artists and photographers. Each exhibition runs from four to five weeks, during which time visitors are received in this unusual and stylish setting four afternoons per week. The discerning art-lover can fully appreciate the artist’s work, shown to advantage in a space that not only has a tremendous amount of character, but is also a real home.

Atelier 7 proffers a wide range of talents, some already well-known, others less so, each of whom the couple are passionate enough about to enjoy living entirely surrounded by their work.

In between exhibition events visitors are welcomed by appointment to Atelier 7 by Louise who keeps a small stock of works from each artist that has been featured as well as a personal collection of art and photography, and a large number of catalogues and art books that can be consulted.